Why us?

Mark Rose Homebuilders has over 20 years experience in the construction industry, working on numerous residential building projects, largely in the Home Counties. And we now boast a large back catalogue of successfully completed projects from satisfied customers, owing largely to our attention to detail and dogged commitment to an ethos of craftsmanship in construction throughout.

A good number of these customers have returned to us for subsequent projects, as the one company they trust to work to accommodate their changing needs or new circumstances. As Mark himself, the owner of the business, describes:

Over the course of my career, I have been privileged to undertake more than one build for a number of my customers, who have grown as families, and either moved properties and require an entire new build, or extended their existing homes to accommodate their changing needs.”

Building the strongest team

mark-rose-rugbyOwner Mark Rose played rugby at a high level for WASPS, and many of the integral attributes of the game, learned on the field, transfer to his approach to construction.

A number of the team that we work with have been with us from the start. Thus, we know their strengths and can work out the best way they can apply their proven craftsmanship to a particular aspect of any project. They are all driven to providing quality at every level of the build, always striving to achieve the best possible results, so that customers will be handed a finished home that lives up to and exceeds their expectations.

The Mark Rose Homebuilders team are actively encouraged to flag up any aspect of a build where a better result might be achieved, whether by improved materials or techniques. With all projects naturally throwing up unexpected challenges, they are always encouraged to meet them head on, not to avoid any difficulties in resolving them, and pride themselves on a culture of completely open channels of communication with all involved.

All of our employees have served many years in the building industry perfecting their craft. We also encourage new people to join and should you use MRH you will see a number of apprentices on your site learning their skills where it matters, and applying their theoretical knowledge from college.”

Building to make a difference

GhanaMark took time away from his work in the UK to work on a project in West Africa that was important to him. Here he explains his involvement in the construction of a state hospital in Ghana.

“During most of 2013 and 2014, I was asked by a long-standing client of mine to go to Ghana, West Africa, to be the Construction Manager on a very prestigious and £52m government hospital. The project would be comparable with any general hospital in the developing world. I was there to deliver a turn-key solution; but this was a steel and concrete structure, unlike the brick and tile ones I had worked on in the UK. I was happy to embrace a new method of construction, I had not known about before, which I can now incorporate into projects back in the UK.

“The challenges were significant, not least working in a seismic zone with many cultural and working practice issues. At the peak of the build, I was responsible for nearly 200 workers, and needless to say, this required me to put into practice all the project management skills I have accumulated over many years. I am so pleased that the completed hospital will provide new levels of hygiene and medical diagnostics, with the most up-to-date equipment, and leading medical and surgical procedures that will benefit tens of thousands of people, never able to access to this level of care before.”

Whether your project is a home extension, an investment build or the construction of a new dream home, Mark Rose Homebuilders are committed to their belief in the highest quality craftsmanship in construction delivered by an outstanding team.

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