Build to Invest


Investing in property in the UK is still, despite the fluctuations of recent years, regarded as offering a safe financial return, in either the “build to sell” or “build to let” markets.  And there continues to be a large demand for housing in the UK, with political and social pressures to build more properties for rent or sale.

Mark Rose Homebuilders has the experience to assist the potential investor through all – or part – of this process, by building quality, prestigious homes designed to give you a large return on investment and be attractive to the potential homebuyer.

chalfont-(2)Site selection

We can assist you from the very start in sourcing the right site to maximise returns; this could be a virgin clear site, or one that requires demolishing an existing structure and building new or else substantially modernising and adding value to an existing building.   Available sites vary considerably, of course: the pub trade, for example, has seen an enormous downturn in fortunes in recent years, resulting in many empty country and town pubs where change of use to housing is a very attractive option. This is but one example of an investment opportunity in the property market.

With previously developed or brownfield sites, investors should consider – with a trusted and experienced expert – the opportunities for possible demolition and rebuild, as well as direct conversion to flats or multiple dwellings, or else to single and/or several homes.

Greenfield sites, on the other hand bring different challenges for investors. One recent project that we worked on was a new build of a substantial family home in the country. The investment site was in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), therefore the materials and design had to be sympathetic to the surrounding area; even the windows and final landscaping all had to be taken into consideration to ensure that they were in accord with the local natural environment. We provide input into the design process working with architects and engineers to deliver a final plan to meet the requirements of the local authority and investor expectations.

Investing in quality

A key factor in building for investment is the speed with which a completed project can be brought to market, therefore allowing you (the investor) to realise a return as soon as possible. Mark Rose Homebuilders always works to agreed timescales, using rigorous project management expertise to facilitate this outcome. Budgets and timescales are agreed with you and signed off prior to any work commencing on the development.

True to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we endeavour to use local materials from the South Buckinghamshire area, whenever possible, and have experience using these materials – such as clay and flint – along with many other building techniques, some specific to the local area. When developing and extending existing properties, we take great care to match the existing materials e.g bricks, tiles and windows. A new build is usually easier: clients, architects and builders can agree the best materials for that individual build without the need for matching up.  Meanwhile essentials, such as drains, can be installed via the most efficient route rather than having to adapt existing layouts; all these aspects are considered and agreed with the input of clients and the requisite experts to guarantee your project goes as smoothly as possible.

The job ran smoothly and stress free through the entire process of construction. The tradesmen were first class and Mark was always ensuring that we were satisfied. I would recommend Mark and his team at MRH without hesitation”
Tim Cutter, Property Investor